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We are delighted to announce that the next
Essence of Being Workshop
will be held in Miami, FL, November 7th, 8th, and 9th

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Finally announcing the new 2 disc DVD set of
BubbleTalk... the subconscious thoughts that block us from getting what we want.
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This series is full of tools, surveys and exercises for you to discover what is in your bubble and what blocks you from achieving your dreams.   

I am excited to offer this series, hot off the presses!
Bubble Talk 2 Disc DVD Set= 39.97 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.
Bubble Talk 2 Disc DVD Set Plus the Meditations For a More Authentic You CD & Affirmations for Prosperity CD= $59.97 plus $5.00 shipping and handling

Affirmations for Prosperity CD= $15 plus $1.25 shipping and handling

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Stay tuned for the book series "Bubble Talk" to accompany the DVD set. 


2 Disc DVD Set: $39.97 plus shipping & handling



1. Introduction                                                              

         A. Break Down                                                             
         B. Break Through                                                         
         C. Break Free                                                               
2. What is a Bubble?                                                      
         A. Unconscious  vs. Conscious                                     
         B. Where does Bubble Talk come from?                     
         C. Which thoughts are more powerful?                       
3. Bubblicious                                                                
         A.Law of Attraction                                                      
         B. Visioning Your Dreams                                            
         C. Law of Appreciation                                                
 4. Hidden Bubbles                                                           
         A. Matching Patterns                                                     
         B. Telling Your Truth       

1.     Family & Past Bubbles
A.    Messages from the Past
B.      Positive and Negative Messages
C.      C. Get Out of the Box
2.     Core Bubble Trouble
A.    Mini Core Bubble Survey 
B. Precession
 C. You Make a Difference
3.     Blowing Bubbles
        A. Changing Core Bubbles
        B. Change Formula
        C. Tools for Change
4.      What is in Your Bubble?
A. Self Esteem Survey
        B. Success Examination
        C. You Core Bubble
        D. Affirmations




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Burge Smith-Lyons
 Burge Smith-Lyons is a motivational speaker, trainer, workshop leader and intuitive healer. She is a minister, certified rebirther, personal coach, family and couples counselor. She has created and facilitated personal growth workshops in the fields of self-empowerment, relationships, abundance, and emotional healing for adults and children for over 25 years.

She has taught thousands of graduates and satisfied couples from around the world and is the owner of the Essence of Being, Inc. which operates centers in Atlanta, Miami,  Hollywood,  Asheville, and  Rhode Island.